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Urologists.com is a web-based directory of licensed urologists. It also serves as a source of general urological information, including, but not limited to, Frequently Asked Questions, conditions, and treatments. All medical articles and basic medical information on Urologists.com was written and approved by licensed and practicing medical professionals.

The purpose of Urologists.com is to serve the web community by providing a space in which practicing urological doctors can publish relevant articles and discuss common issues in urology. We want our users to be able to answer any questions they may have with the information that we provide. The Conditions section of Urologists.com provides descriptions and explanations of common urological conditions, and the Treatments section describes common treatments for those conditions as well as others.

Urologists.com is owned and operated by Highly Relevant Brands, a web-based company that seeks to offer precise, relevant urological information to the online community. At Urologists.com, we are dedicated to providing you with the information necessary to maintain your urological health.

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