Bring Water With You

While eating well and exercising are critical to maintaining good health and fitness, so is staying hydrated.

Adequate hydration prevents kidney stones and diminishes constipation. It also prevents dizziness and cardiovascular strain in more frail individuals. It’s easy to stay hydrated at home or at the office, but what about on the go? One of the best ways to stay hydrated in all conditions is to bring water with you, wherever the course of the day may take you. The human body loses water through perspiration, so making sure you have access to water at all times is key, especially in warmer climates.

Not only is drinking from a reusable water bottle throughout the day good for the environment, but it’s better for your body, too. The chemicals found in water bottles have been the source of recent scientific criticism. Many health experts claim, when frozen or left in the sun, water bottles release toxins into the water and eventually your body when the water is consumed. While there is no definitive answer, it is a good idea to purchase a reusable fluid container from a store. Steel or glass containers do not leach chemicals into the water.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have high water contents and provide hydration in addition to their essential nutrients.

Experts recommend drinking eight to ten 8 ounce cups of water/fluids (2 to 2 .5 liters) daily. Some reusable water containers have the ounces clearly labeled, so keeping track of your progress throughout the day is easy. If you purchase and use a reusable water bottle, you won’t have to worry about guzzling four cups in the morning and four cups at night, since it can now be spread out throughout the day. Be good to your body and the environment and use a reusable water bottle to drink your recommended water intake on the go!

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