Urologists in Alabama will attest that this is one of the landmark states for every aspect of the medical field. From some of the best medical institutions and training in the country to the finest doctors in every domain, the Heart of Dixie has everything to offer, and can help you find it.

The University of Alabama in Birmingham is widely lauded for its approach to higher education, and particularly excelling at this is their School of Medicine. The campus offers courses and residencies at their satellite campuses in Tuscaloosa, Selma, Huntsville, and Montgomery as well. Fans of the school will attest that it strongly supports passions outside of the medical realm, evidenced in the annual event, The Best Medicine Show, in which medical students exhibit their talents in the performing arts. The University has turned out many of the most skilled and successful urologists in Alabama and beyond.

Of course, people living outside of these metropolises need medical care as well, a task that is up to undertaking. Alabama’s oldest city, Mobile, was founded in the 1700’s as a French colony and is filled with beautiful old architecture and a historic vibe unlike any other. Decatur, in the state’s northernmost region, is best known for its waterfronts, as it contains both a lake and a great river. The state is also rich in small towns with populations of under 1,000, and each of these towns houses clinics, hospitals, and private practices of superb medical care. Find your nearest urologist in any of these areas by visiting
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