Although it doesn’t receive a lot of of hype among its forty-nine companions, Arkansas is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. This southern state is bursting with lakes and rivers, rolling hills, lush forests, and rich soil, from the Mississippi River on its eastern border to the northwestern Ozark Mountains. Human history shows an intrinsic gravitation toward The Natural State, from the multitude of Native Americans who once made their homes here to its current three million residents.

Whether these residents work as lawyers, teachers, waiters or urologists in Arkansas, one thing is certain: each has pride in their charming state. A whole seven percent of this population resides in the capital of Little Rock, which, contrary to its name, is also the largest city in Arkansas. Little Rock’s medical services are some of the most effectual in the nation. In fact, an astounding percentage of the state’s leading employers are medical and health organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. One thing is certain: urologists in Arkansas sure have a lot of support.

Of course, people living outside of Little Rock need medical attention too, and there is no shortage of that in Arkansas’s many flourishing areas, like Fort Smith and Fayetteville, as well as in smaller developed areas, like Summit or Valley Springs. Wherever you are, the state that brought us Maya Angelou, Johnny Cash, and Bill Clinton has no shortage of resources; let be your tool for tapping into them.
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