There is no arguing with the splendor of The Golden State. From world-renowned beaches to stunning lakes and rivers and even snowy mountains, California has it all, and its cities aren’t easily dismissed, either. Because of its rich resources, the state is one of the most self-sustaining in the country. In fact, if California were its own nation, its economy would be the eighth-largest in the world – a monumental achievement for one of the last regions to be incorporated into the U.S.

Throughout its history, California has always been a famously diverse place. In the early days of American civilization, the area was heavily populated by over seventy separate groups of Native Americans, all with incredibly varied political systems, social practices, dress, and food. Over the intervening years, California has seen a constant influx of people from all over the world, giving it the most cultural diversity of any U.S. state. Its residents have always welcomed people of every background and practice, from Europe to Asia, and from chefs and students to doctors and urologists in California.

This westernmost state is also home to some of the best medical schools in the country, prompting students from all over to move to California for one of the best possible educations. UCLA has always been celebrated for its facilities, educational practices, and research, and Stanford University near the bay area has cast its Ivy League glow on the west coast since 1891. Clearly, urologists in California are not lacking in resources. Find your nearest and best at!
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