Colorado is one of the country’s vastest states, encompassing regions all the way from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains and the picturesque Colorado River, named for its reddish hue. The Centennial State has distinguished itself from the rest of America with its high plains, red earth, plateaus and idyllic dessert landscapes, which served to inspire the great directors of Western cinema like Sergio Leone and John Ford. Even urologists in Colorado, far removed from the days of the old frontiersman, will tell you that the state’s scenery can make you smell leather and hear the clattering of horse hooves and distant gunfire.

Perhaps thanks to its captivating terrain, the 38th state has built a reputation as one of the healthiest, boasting a population of energetic and athletic individuals ready to take advantage of the abundant nature surrounding them. Also, the popular tea company Celestial Seasonings is based in Boulder, further evidence of the state’s prevalent focus on health.

Sitting in the foothills of the Rockies at an elevation of nearly 5,500 feet, Boulder is the city to be in for an active lifestyle. The area is practically made for biking, rock-climbing, and especially hiking. The biggest city in Colorado, however, is undoubtedly Denver, at a population of over 600,000. The capital of this sprawling state, Denver, is more urbane than rustic Boulder and accommodates a number of fine medical institutions like the private University of Denver, whose hospital is widely praised and which employs many of the best urologists in Colorado. Find them anytime you need at
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