Known as the “Land of Steady Habits,” it is no surprise that Connecticut is home to a population of healthy, hardworking, and happy residents. As a part of the New England region of the U.S., the state began as one of the original Thirteen Colonies of the 17th century and was founded by Thomas Hooker, who (as urologists in Connecticut will boast) was a man of impressive education and intellect. Thus, even from its earliest days, the Nutmeg State launched a legacy of high academic standards, which nowadays manifests itself not only in the state’s colleges and universities, but in its fantastic medical schools as well.

Connecticut’s educational claim to fame is, of course, the notoriously challenging and competitive Yale University, a gem of the Ivy League. The school is located in New Haven and dates all the way back to 1701, when Connecticut was still a colony. The university’s School of Medicine is equally outstanding and has boasted countless renowned doctors and researchers on its faculty, including Dorothy Horstmann, an epidemiologist who was the school’s first female professor, and William Prusoff, who is noted for his work in HIV treatment and antiviral agents. Thanks to all this stiff competition, urologists in Connecticut have no choice but to excel.

The state is home to many other fine institutions as well, including Trinity College, Wesleyan College, and the University of Connecticut, which is New England’s highest-ranking public school. Graduates from the state’s many amazing medical programs remain in Connecticut, and is your guide for finding them.
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