Though it’s America’s second-smallest state, Delaware has created a reputation for itself throughout a long history. At the time of the American Revolution, Delaware was still a young colony and became the first of the original thirteen to officially ratify the Constitution, earning it the nickname of The First State. Situated in the Mid-Atlantic region, it is the flattest state in the U.S., with its highest peak rising to about 450 feet. But what it lacks in elevation Delaware makes up for in beautiful rivers, rolling hills, wide plains, and an all-around pleasant climate.

Residents of all backgrounds agree that the state is nothing if not idyllic. Delaware has an impressive agricultural output for its size and distinguishes itself by cultivating dairy, corn, soy, and poultry, among other goods. Moreover, nearly 3,000 of the state’s residents – a substantial percentage – are doctors, and several of its largest employers are also health organizations like Christiana Care Health System and the Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, the latter of which is run by a non-profit founded by the hospital’s namesake, a well-known philanthropist.

One of Delaware’s most significant contributions to the progression of America was its role in ending segregation in the school districts, a fight that was won when the state court ruled that the practice was unconstitutional in 1952. Needless to say, this state has always been dedicated to the necessity of a good education at every level, making its practitioners some of the best in the country. Find all of your treatment options for urologists in Delaware at
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