Florida is acclaimed for being one of the top vacation destinations in the U.S. Appropriately known as the Sunshine State, it has lured innumerable visitors with miles of endless coastline, unparalleled weather, and the seductively warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Outdoorsy people gravitate toward the state to see fascinating natural spectacles like the Everglades and unique geological phenomena, and for lovers of wildlife, Florida certainly has no shortage of fauna like dolphins, alligators, panthers, otters, black bears, and an unending list of others.

Although Tallahassee is the capital, Jacksonville is Florida’s largest city, weighing in at over 820,000 residents. Of course, its most famous city is undoubtedly Miami, that Mecca of tourism, cruises, and all manner of oceanside activity. Miami is notably home to some of the nation’s top medical institutions, hospitals, and research facilities, which are mainly located in the Civic Center. It is also the residence of the University of Miami, which stands alongside Florida’s many other superb schools, like Stetson University, Barry University, and the beloved University of Florida. Thanks to the fantastic programs at each of these schools, urologists in Florida have received some of the best training available.

Aside from its educational aptitude, Florida has historically been a state focused on the health and welfare of its people. Thanks to its popularity as a retirement destination, about 30% of the state’s budget goes toward medical care. Doctors, surgeons, and urologists in Florida are absolutely indispensible, and Urologists.com is here to help you in your search for the right care.
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