Gorgeous Georgia: the gem of the South. From the hospitality of its natives, to the mouthwatering Southern cuisine, to the fragrant peach orchards, this state is one of the best representations of America’s heart and soul. Georgia put down its roots early on as the thirteenth colony and was named after the ambitious king of England. Its landscape is one of the country’s most diverse, with mountains of stone and sand in the Ridge Valley juxtaposing the vast wet expanses of the Coastal Plain. The state is known for its generous presence of native laurel, cypresses, hickory trees, and sweet-smelling jasmine.

Georgia’s capital of Atlanta is also its largest city, which has spearheaded the culture of Georgia and much of the surrounding areas since the state’s early days. Gate City, as it is historically known, also contains a large concentration of colleges and universities, among these the acclaimed Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia State University, so that aspiring businessmen, writers, neurosurgeons and urologists in Georgia can gain amazing educations and opportunities to fulfill their professional dreams.

Other cities, like Athens and Columbus, share the state standard for excellence in every field, particularly in medicine and the arts. In fact, 21,000 of Georgia’s residents have established careers in the medical field, whether in private practices or at one of the state’s nearly 200 hospitals and healthcare centers. In spite of their fondness for that rich Southern food, Georgians are smart about their health. Share their wellness by using as your guide.
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