Anyone who has visited Idaho will assure you there is much more to the lovely state than just potatoes. One of the most sparsely populated areas in the country, Idaho’s aesthetic identity encompasses vast open plains, rugged snowy mountains, crops, winding rivers, and waterfalls. Despite its notoriously large output of potatoes, Idaho is called the Gem State due to its dense quantity of precious stones.

This home of Ernest Hemingway, Christina Hendricks, Sacajawea, and Nikki Sixx also plays host to a notable list of colleges and universities, where many of the best urologists in Idaho received first-rate educations. These include Idaho State University (renowned for their athletic program), Lewis-Clark State College, Brigham Young University-Idaho, and the University of Idaho, from which many prominent alumni have graduated.

Boise is the state capital, as well as its largest metropolitan area, with a population at least double the size of any other city in Idaho. The City of Trees has, apropos for its nickname, managed to maintain the natural beauty of the region in spite of the 100,000 residents who call it home. At nearly 3,000 feet above sea level with a river running through it, Boise captures the green splendor of the mountains while embracing a city vibe. This is true, in fact, of any town in the state, from bigger urbanized areas, like Idaho Falls, to small 400-person towns, like Eden. The multitudes of first-rate urologists in Idaho reside all over the state, and can help you find them wherever and whenever you need.
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