Thanks to the iconic city of Chicago, the citizenry of Illinois has developed a reputation for nationwide trendsetting, dating as far back as the state’s induction in 1818. Now the fifth-largest state in the U.S., Illinois’s prime real estate in the Great Lakes region made it the perfect home for tens of thousands of Native Americans, mainly from the Mississippian, Iroquois, and Illini groups, for nearly 7,000 years before European explorers discovered it. From then until 1763, Illinois was a French colony, eventually passing into British possession and ultimately taken by the United States.

Chicago was instated in 1837 and is now the U.S.’s third-largest city. With nearly ten million people populating the larger Chicago area, it has become one of the primary cultural metropolises, making major progressive strides in the fields of transportation, architecture, agriculture, popular music (it is the indisputable home of jazz and blues), and medicine since its incorporation.

In fact, thanks to its many amazing higher learning institutions, Chi-Town has one of the most substantial health-oriented communities in the world. Northwestern University’s Memorial Hospital and the University of Chicago Medical Center are two of the United States’ leading medical establishments, and they are responsible for training and employing the best doctors, surgeons, and urologists in Illinois – and these are only two (of many) of the state’s outstanding health centers. For unparalleled medical care, fantastic scenery, and a vibrant culture, look no further than this northeastern wonderland. And for the absolute best urologists in Illinois and all over the country, visit
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