Although Kentucky is primarily associated with fried chicken, bourbon whiskey, and the Kentucky Derby, there is much more to the state than just southern comfort and relentless jockeys. The history and culture of the Bluegrass State (so named for the actual Kentucky bluegrass that carpets the land) is rich, vibrant, and well worth exploring.

Kentucky originally rose out of the fur trade and coal mining industry, both of which capitalized on the abundance of those two resources in the Upper South. For the most part, the state has a typical Southern climate with very cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers. It is well known for its bodies of water, including vast lakes, rivers, and interweaving streams. The state’s residents are quite concerned with the preservation of the state’s natural beauty, resulting in the installation of over 50 protected areas, including national and state parks, forests, and wildlife refuges.

With the draw of several major institutions for education and research, like the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky, the state has built a reputation of outstanding collegiate triumph. Many of the Universities’ residents graduate and become some of the most successful doctors, surgeons and urologists in Kentucky, making it one of the best states for medical treatment. For an unparalleled guide of resources, visit and explore all of the options the beautiful state of Kentucky has to offer.
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