As the country’s fifth most heavily inhabited state, Maryland must be doing something right. Although it is also one of the smallest, the Old Line State houses a population of nearly six million people, a fraction of which reside in Baltimore. Perhaps its attraction lies in the warm climate and stunning coast, or the majesty of the Appalachian Mountains, or the appealing historic vibe of its cities. Either way, Maryland is deemed by many to be a veritable paradise on earth.

Baltimore is by far its largest metropolis, presenting a striking skyline of old-fashioned brick and stone buildings that perfectly represent its long colonial history. The city became what it is thanks to its prime location on the Patapsco River, allowing it access to trade routes and making it the largest port in the region. It is infamously home to a number of the country’s finest educational institutions, most notably The Johns Hopkins University, which has given the United States some of the top doctors, surgeons, neurologists, and urologists.

Other notable schools include Loyola University and the University of Maryland (both in Baltimore), St. John’s College in Annapolis, and Washington College in Chestertown. The many outstanding medical programs in the state allow urologists in Maryland to rival the world’s finest. is here to help you find the right expert for your needs in Maryland and in the rest of the United States. Visit today and make your health your first priority.
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