For anyone who is drawn to gorgeous coastal and highland views, incredible fresh seafood, and historic architecture, Maine is the most enticing destination in the world. Once a part of Massachusetts, Maine makes its home at the very top of New England and epitomizes the best of the region’s culture. The state is nestled close to Canada and is likewise covered in a sumptuous carpet of forests, earning its nickname, “The Pine Tree State”.

Maine was first inhabited by the area’s indigenous people, primarily of the Wabanaki and Abenaki nations. The largest city, Portland, was one of the earliest areas to be settled by Europeans and has since grown to a population of over 66,000, drawing residents with its idyllic oceanside location and surrounding forestry. It also proudly contains several fantastic universities, including the celebrated University of New England and the University of Southern Maine, whose medical programs train some of the top urologists in Maine annually.

The current capital of Augusta, though a quarter of Portland’s size, is no less beautiful. Matching the Forest City’s coasts is the verdant Kennebec River which runs right through Downtown Augusta. The town puts up an educational fight as well, with its resident University of Maine. So whether you are a long-time local, a new inductee, or a lobster-craving visitor, Maine has some of the country’s best resources, from food to nature to medical care. Find the right urologist in Maine by visiting
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