Michigan is not only located in the Great Lakes region, it practically is the Great Lakes. Over 16 hundred square miles of the state is covered by the waters of Lakes Erie, Huron, Superior, and (of course) Lake Michigan, in addition to the Mississippi, Illinois, and Wisconsin Rivers. It is therefore an extremely seductive state for residents and tourists. The diverse and beautiful scenery make it one of the best places in America to explore and enjoy the exquisiteness of nature.

Detroit is by far the largest city, with more than 700,000 people calling it home. Like all of Michigan’s most populated towns, Rock City is located in the southeast, along the river that shares its name. It is a growing cultural hub for music, theatre, and the performing arts and is the distinguished home of the country’s biggest automobile manufacturers. Besides the auto industry, several of the city’s most prominent employers are medical organizations, including the Detroit Medical Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield, St. John Health System, and the Henry Ford Health System.

In Detroit and other cities, like Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and the capital of Lansing, education is strongly emphasized. In fact, Wayne State University, the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University – all research schools – have some of the area’s finest medical programs, teaching hundreds of urologists in Michigan each year. With such fine educational and employment resources available, it seems Michigan is the place to be for great medical treatment. Urologists.com will help you find the care you need anytime!
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