Though its propensity for off-beat humor has been proven by the Coen Brothers in many of their films, there is much more to Minnesota than the stereotypes suggest. Once a Native American paradise, this model Midwestern state is known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” and has drawn myriads of people of all origins with its verdant beauty. At the center of Minnesota are the famous Twin Cities, which include Minneapolis and St. Paul and house two thirds of the state’s citizenry. It is best known for the diverse landscape of forests, plains, lakes, the residents’ high level of political participation and literacy, and those charming Minnesotan accents.

The state has become known as a leader in technology and industry, rising first out of the colonial fur trade, followed by the prevalent mining of iron ore, and eventually coming to the computer technology boom in the late 1940’s. More recently, Minnesota’s reputation for excellence in education – particularly in the medical field – has been growing rapidly. Institutions like the University of Minnesota consistently prove their educational distinctions by providing us with some of the finest doctors and urologists in Minnesota and beyond.

This focus on health is brought about by the prominence of outdoor activities in the state. Not only do Minnesotans’ standardized test scores outrank the rest of the country, their rates of regular exercise do too. There is practically no better place to find great medical care, and Urologists.com knows all the best urologists in Minnesota.
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