While it may not seem as glamorous as some of the flashier states, Missouri is a gem of the Midwest and represents many of the best things about American culture. With one of the higher populations in the country, the “Show Me State” was acquired by the U.S. as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Since then, Missouri has acted as a sort of political barometer as well as a major cultural trendsetter for the other 49 states in America.

Missouri is lucky enough to boast several unparalleled natural landmarks within its borders, including the river that bears the same name, the stately Ozark Mountains, the Mississippi River, and the wide northern plains typical of America’s Heartland. While Jefferson is the state capital, St. Louis is its largest and best-known. It has been heavily influenced by the southern culture that borders the state, with a large presence of jazz music and soul food in evidence.

St. Louis is also home to Washington University and the University of St. Louis, both ranked among the top schools in the nation (Washington is actually in the top twenty). The state’s institutions are known to be some of the most progressive, including the very first school of osteopathic medicine in the entire world. With such phenomenal resources, there is doubt that urologists in Missouri are top-notch. End your search and find the perfect one at Urologists.com.
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