For such a small state, it is quite remarkable that Mississippi has developed its reputation as one of the South’s defining states, which is hardly surprising for those who are familiar with it. Mississippi, named after America’s most famous river, is indeed a special place. This is what initially drew the indigenous people of the Paleozoic era to the region over 12,000 years ago. These early settlers sought to take advantage of the state’s beautiful forests, abundant native wildlife, and fertile soil. In fact, the entire native culture that covered the southern region is now honored by being called the Mississippian Culture.

The state was colonized by several European countries and was a hotspot during the American Revolution. Mississippi was soon inducted as the 20th state of the newly established U.S. It immediately launched an impressive agriculture industry, driven primarily by widespread cotton and tobacco crops. Its largest city is Jackson with a population of about 170 thousand, followed at a substantial distance by Gulfport and Hattiesburg, with their combined populations reaching nearly 120 thousand.

Jackson is known as one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. Home of Jackson State University and the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the City With Soul has a history of medical breakthroughs and general health consciousness. In fact, the first-ever transplant of a lung was performed at the Medical Center in 1963. Doctors of all kinds from neurosurgeons to urologists in Mississippi will tell you that this is one of the best environments for health professionals. Find all the best urologists of the U.S. at Urologists.com.
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