True to its name, Montana is a land of majesty, one third of which is composed of mountain ranges. Located in the country’s Western region, Montana contains parts of the Rockies, the Bitterroots, and the Anaconda and Sapphire ranges, as well as sprawling plains and several bodies of water. As one of the largest states in the U.S., this “Big Sky Country” boasts some of the most gorgeous scenery and vast untouched nature anywhere, as it simultaneously holds one of the smallest and least dense populations of the fifty states.

With many state parks and refuges, Montana attracts multitudes of visitors annually, making tourism one of the biggest contributors to its economy. These same features are what drew so many Native Americans to the area before the European settlers found it, including tribes of the Cheyenne and Crow persuasions. More recently, Montana’s ranches and railroads became not only staples for the state economy, but models for the rest of the U.S. trying to enter those industries.

Being a land of open ranges, Montana’s cities contain less than 35% of the state’s total residents. Its largest city is Billings, with about 100,000, followed by smaller municipalities, such as Missoula, Butte, and Helena, the state capital. These contain Montana’s large number of higher learning institutions, from private schools, like the University of Great Falls and Rocky Mountain College, to the amazing public schools, like the University of Montana, all of which have great schools of medicine to train the many urologists in Montana. For a full list of these, please browse below. Stay informed on urological conditions, treatments, wellness tips, and utilize one of the web's most comprehensive directories of urologists at!
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