By virtue of its location at the very center of the U.S., Nebraska is definitive of the Heartland region. Situated in the Great Plains, it is nicknamed the Cornhusker State due to its pastoral makeup and farm-based society. Nebraska’s agricultural outputs include corn (of course), soy, pork, and cattle. Nebraska is characterized by its open prairies, through which run the Missouri River and the great history of the American frontier.

Most notable in Nebraska’s history is its place in the Gold Rush movement of the 1840’s, which brought about the settlement of the state. The capital was soon established in Omaha, which was named for the indigenous people who originally inhabited the land. It is now the largest city in Nebraska, and due to its central positioning, a vital hub for U.S. transportation.

Besides its flourishing agricultural and industrial economy, Omaha, as well as Lincoln and Bellevue, have distinguished Nebraska for its higher education system. Primary among its schools is the University of Nebraska, whose Medical Center in Omaha is nationally acclaimed for its academic and research achievements. The school has one of the best programs for urologists in Nebraska, although other fantastic medical departments can be found at Bellevue University, Chadron State College, and the many other universities that grace the state. With Nebraska’s fine education and booming industrial and agricultural commerce, Nebraska is one of the best states to be. In small towns or big cities, find the best urologists in Nebraska at
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