New Mexico

Of the U.S.’s fifty states, New Mexico definitely stands out as having a unique culture all of its own. Recognized for its Native American and Hispanic influences, the state embraces its ancient heritage and incorporates it into tourism as well as the daily life of its residents. From old arrowheads to beautiful turquoise jewelry and cuisine incorporating locally grown corn, beans, and chiles, New Mexico is a paradise for those seeking an authentic historic experience of the Southwest.

The region was mainly inhabited by people of the Navajo and Apache tribes, as well as many others, before the European explorers arrived. New Mexico’s capital is Santa Fe, which means “holy faith” in Spanish, and the city has seduced generations of artists and writers with its rich culture and gorgeous scenery, including Georgia O’Keefe, Douglas Adams, D.H. Lawrence and a myriad of others. It has thus become a city strongly associated with art and literature.

While these are emphasized in Santa Fe and other cities like Albuquerque and Las Cruces, urologists in New Mexico will attest to the excellence of the medical programs at the state’s universities, like the University of New Mexico, the University of the Southwest, and Carrington College, among many others. Get the latest information on urological conditions, treatments, wellness practices, and one of the most extensive directories of practicing urologists on the web with!
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