Oklahoma isn’t just where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain. Residents, visitors, and certainly urologists in Oklahoma will confirm that this state is special, carrying a particular spirit of America in that mysterious land of the South. Located just above Texas, the Sooner State (because you’d sooner be there than anyplace else!) is known for its vast and diverse landscapes, infinite prairies, numerous rivers and lakes, and immense mountain ranges, like the Ouachitas, Wichitas, and the Ozarks.

It is these features, along with the abundant wildlife and richness of the land itself (much of which is now protected by the government), that attracted the area’s indigenous people since as early as the Ice Age. The French and later the U.S. saw the same qualities in Oklahoma and made it into the thriving and successful state it is today.

One of the most notable things in Oklahoma is the health industry, which has experienced an unbelievable amount of growth over the last decade. Several breakthroughs in cancer treatment have occurred in the state. The INTEGRIS Cancer institute of Oklahoma has lead way in using proton therapy to treat cancer. The Oklahoma State University Medical Center is also one of the foremost in the country in the fields of osteopathy and neuroscience. It is easy to see why so many doctors, surgeons, osteopaths, gynecologists and urologists in Oklahoma succeed; the emphasis on medical progress and healthcare makes Oklahoma a great place to seek treatment. For all the amazing options in the state, visit Urologists.com.
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