There is a reason every person who visits Oregon falls in love with it. The prodigy of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon’s culture has developed into one of the friendliest, foodie-minded, creative, quality-driven and enchanting places in the country, if not the world. The Beaver State boasts possibly the greatest coffee and absolutely the greatest craft beer anywhere, not to mention the sheer beauty of the region in all of its natural diversity.

From the gorgeous coast of the Pacific Ocean to the incomparably majestic Cascade mountain range and the tranquil evergreen forests that carpet a great portion of the state, Oregon is simply a sight to behold. Even its cities hold charm like no others, and the retain the feelings of lush greenness of Oregon’s less inhabited regions.

Portland sits on the state’s northern border with the Willamette River running directly through it. Oregon’s largest city, Stumptown, is one of America’s cultural Meccas on the West Coast, and its reputation continues to grow as more and more people fall in love with it and join the city’s ranks. Eugene, slightly south of Portland, is a peaceful town of verdant fields where the University of Oregon resides. This thriving university lures more and more professional artists, teachers, businessmen and urologists from Oregon into the state’s flourishing economic system every day. Other institutions, like Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the Oregon Health & Science University, also produce some of the finest doctors and urologists in Oregon. All of these can be found at Urologists.com. Find the perfect one for you today!
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