There is no better state to represent the history of the United States than Pennsylvania, that northeastern state where so many momentous occasions of the American past have occurred. Both Continental Congresses of the founding fathers met in Philadelphia, now Pennsylvania’s largest city; the Declaration of Independence was signed there; the entire Constitution was actually written and ratified in Philadelphia as well. Citizens of all walks of life will attest to the immense value of the state, which drew the founding fathers so long ago.

In 1773, Dickinson College was established and became the first college in the country. This launched a long career in the Keystone State of superb higher education, with schools like Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, and the prestigious University of Pennsylvania gracing the state with their high-ranking research and medical programs, the latter also being a member of the Ivy League. These institutions have educated most of the finest urologists in Pennsylvania and continue to contribute to their ranks annually.

Philadelphia is now a thriving metropolis of the East Coast with a population of over four million, famous for the Liberty Bell, Rock Balboa, and cheesesteaks. Harrisburg to the west is Pennsylvania’s capital, capturing all the grandeur of historic Pennsylvanian urbanity with a population of about 50,000, while Pittsburgh in the Ohio River Valley sits at about 305,000 residents. No matter what city you’re in, some of the finest health care in the country is available from urologists in Pennsylvania, all of whom can be found at
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