Rhode Island

Known primarily as the smallest of the fifty states, Rhode Island makes its home in the New England region, bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as Connecticut and Massachusetts. Although it has by far the lowest land area, Little Rhody actually contains the second-densest population in the United States, showing that this is an exceptionally seductive place to live.

Also known as the Ocean State, it is a rather flat area with few peaks or even hills, an absence that it makes up for in attractive beaches and the lush coastal forests of the Northeast. The state capital is Providence, which sits in Rhode Island’s southeast region and boasts a population of nearly 180,000, making it the largest city in the state. Rhode Island began as one of the Thirteen Colonies and initially attracted settlers with its proximity to the Providence River and Narragansett Bay, a location where they saw a haven and a paradise rolled into one.

The city is also an epicenter of the health and medical industry, with a total of eight different hospitals and even more private clinics employing the many excellent urologists in Rhode Island. It also contains several top universities, including the Ivy League and colonial college, Brown University, in conjunction with Rhode Island’s many other institutions like the University of Rhode Island in Kingston and Bryant University in Smithfield. No matter where they have been educated or employed, urologists in Rhode Island are sure to give you the care you need, and Urologists.com is here to help you find just that.
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