South Dakota

While the “wild west” notion is usually associated with states like Colorado and Arizona, South Dakota has developed a powerful connection with pastoral, ranching, and wrangling sorts of lifestyles. Influenced by the Native American presence (mainly of the Lakota, Sioux, and Dakota tribes) as well as the significant presence of agriculture in the region, the Mount Rushmore State is reputed for its pervasive Western image.

Located right in the heart of the Heartland, this Midwestern paradise is one of America’s least populated states. Thanks to the lower number of residents, South Dakota has managed to preserve its wild beauty, which is apparent to anyone who looks upon the Black Hills, gazes out into the buttes and prairies of the famed Dakota Badlands, or ponders nature on the banks of the great Missouri River.

Of course, as the urologists in South Dakota will agree, the cities have plenty to offer as well. The state capital is Pierre, which is located right in the center of South Dakota and houses about 14,000 residents. Meanwhile, Sioux Falls takes the cake as the largest city with a population of about 154,000 and boasts the mixed landscapes of the Big Sioux River on one hand and the far-reaching Great Plains on the other.

South Dakota also has several fantastic universities, most notably the University of South Dakota, which is the oldest in the region and encompasses the only medical school there as well. Find all of the amazing urologists in South Dakota from this and other schools at
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