Tennessee is easily one of the U.S.’s most iconic states for several reasons. Most prevalent of these is its connection to the American music scene, particularly that of country, folk, rock and roll, and blues. As a matter of fact, the town of Bristol in Tennessee is known as the Birthplace of Country, and Nashville remains an unqualified Mecca that avid music fans and musicians all flock to.

Besides that industry, the Volunteer State’s main revenue comes from agriculture, as the farming of soy, livestock, poultry, and cotton makes its economy one of the most prosperous in the country. Tourism is also a major contributor to Tennessee’s economy, and people come from all corners of the United States to admire the natural beauty of this southern state, from the winding Tennessee River, to the Appalachian peaks, to the sprawling coastal plains, to the legendary Nashville Basin, and to the thousands of caves in Tennessee.

This state has much to be proud of, and urologists in Tennessee add academic and medical accomplishments to the list. Leading schools in the region include the University of Tennessee (particularly the Health Science Center in Memphis), Cumberland University, Vanderbilt University, and many others, with research and medical programs that draw students from near and far. In short, this home of the Allman Brothers, Kathy Bates, Johnny Cash, Al Gore, and most famously Elvis Presley certainly has bragging rights in a lot of fields, including medical. Urologists.com is here to help you navigate that arena and find the best urologists in Tennessee.
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