One of the quintessential Western states, Utah has been the target of many great migrations over the course of American history, and anyone who has seen the splendor of those wide plains and high, snowy mountain ranges cannot be surprised at its magnetism. This is not a recent phenomenon, either. The Beehive State was once inhabited by several large groups of Native Americans, mainly centered around the Anasazi and Fremont tribes, as well as the Navajo later on in the eighteenth century.

Following colonization by the Spanish explorers soon after that, the infamous migration, led by Brigham Young, brought over 70,000 Mormon pioneers across the arid plains and massive valleys of the country to the current location of Salt Lake City. The city has since grown into the largest in Utah and was named as the state capital in 1858, now serving as home for over 186,000 people.

The first transcontinental railroad, as well as the presence of the state’s numerous leading post-secondary schools, like Brigham Young University and the University of Utah (which, as the many excellent urologists in Utah will say, is renowned for its research and medical departments), brought in a bigger and more diverse population to the city, which is now a thriving center of culture and industry. Although Salt Lake is its best-known town, Utah is home to several other alluring cities like nearby Provo and the rapidly growing St. George, as well as countless charming smaller towns. Anywhere in the state guarantees exceptional medical care, and Urologists.com is your best resource for finding it.
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