Virginia is a state inextricably entwined with the core of American history. Nicknamed the “Old Dominion,” the state was once the home of widespread Native American tribes, including the notorious Powhatan. Jamestown was the first permanent colony in the New World. It was settled by the British in service of the explorative King Charles II and ultimately established the enormous tobacco agriculture that was destined to pervade Virginia and the surrounding southern states.

The state’s gorgeousness is undeniable. With the crisp waters of the Chesapeake Bay, its many tributary rivers, the rolling green forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the fascinating geology and wildlife, it takes no effort to see why so many have gravitated toward this Mother of States.

The state capital is Richmond, the icon of the Civil War, now an independent city with a population of 1.3 million on the James River. Called the River City, in fact, Richmond is known for its exquisite views, historic architecture, and industrious nature. The state’s largest city is the lesser-known Virginia Beach, which, as its name suggests, sits right on the Atlantic coast. This resort city draws much of Virginia’s tourism with its extensive beaches and subtropical weather.

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