Washington is considered the definition of Pacific Northwestern culture and assumes the responsibility of carrying one corner of the U.S. The aptly-named Evergreen State is one of the country’s lushest places, characterized by rainforests, snow-capped mountain ranges, great rivers, and verdant fields. Perhaps thanks to this environment, Washington is a cradle of earliest life – one of the only complete skeletons of prehistoric man, the Kennewick Man of the Paleozoic era, was found by the Columbia River in Washington. The state was later inhabited by numerous Native American tribes and still later by Spanish and English settlers.

Washington is not only known for its resplendent natural landscape but also for its cities. Seattle is certainly the best-known and largest in the entire Northwest, housing about 3.4 million people and serving as one of the country’s main ports for the Pacific Ocean. The state capital of Olympia is a hub of regional culture. Olympia has made a name for itself with its artistic and musical inclinations and is one of America’s most unique cities.

Thanks to its seductive natural locale and geographic phenomena, the state has a high level of outdoor pursuits, making it one of the healthiest and most active in the nation. Also contributing to this are its many excellent higher-learning institutions, like the University of Washington Medical School and University of Spokane Falls College of Medicine, which have educated many of the finest urologists in Washington. Find all of these doctors and many more at Urologists.com.
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