In the Midwestern region lies a very special state called Wisconsin. Home of indigenous people since 10,000 B.C., the state has drawn people in, starting with the Ice Age Paleo-Indians, then the Native Americans, and eventually the European explorers, with its many stunning bodies of water, hills, and plains. One of Wisconsin’s main revenue sources lies in agriculture, particularly the production of cheese and dairy products (Wisconsin yields a whole 25% of America’s dairy). Aside from cheeses, butter, and milk, the state harvests a significant amount of corn, oats, potatoes, carrots, and maple syrup, along with more than half of the country’s cranberry supply and all of its ginseng.

Another leading economic contributor is health care, with organizations like the Aurora Health Clinic, the Marshfield Clinic, and the University of Wisconsin – an institution known for its medical and scientific research– providing the largest percentages of employment in the state. Besides UW, the state contains multiple other fantastic schools, like the Wisconsin Technical College, Marquette University, and the Medical College of Wisconsin, from which countless urologists in Wisconsin have received their educations.

The Badger State’s largest city is Milwaukee on the southeastern border. Located on the bank of Lake Michigan, Brew City is home to nearly 600,000 people and over forty breweries, making beer one of their most important products. The city also has a deep focus on health and encompasses numerous facilities, like hospitals, research institutions, rehabilitation centers and medical schools. Urologists in Wisconsin can thank this emphasis for their success, and Urologists.com can lead you straight to the perfect one.
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