West Virginia

Although it receives less recognition than some of its brothers and sisters, West Virginia is a truly remarkable state. Situated in the eastern region of Appalachia, the Mountain State was once a part of Virginia and eventually split away to remain loyal to the Union during the Civil War. This was the first sign of the autonomous and free-thinking nature of West Virginians that has continued ever since.

Due to its mountainous, forested, and cave-riddle geography, the state is a hotbed of outdoor activity and therefore has one of America’s healthiest populations, to the delight of doctors and urologists in West Virginia. Its cities are also worthy of admiration, particularly the state capital and largest city of Charleston. Surrounded by gentle green peaks, Chucktown has built a sizeable part of its economy on mining coal, natural gases, and salt, as well as medicine and education. Its major post-secondary academic institutions include West Virginia University, which is particularly known for its medical and research departments, the University of Charleston, and the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, all of which have brought forth many outstanding and successful urologists in West Virginia.

Many of the state’s largest employers are notably health-oriented businesses, further evidence of West Virginia’s commitment to the community’s well-being. Among these are the West Virginia United Health System, which is second on the list, Charleston Area Medical Center, in third place, St. Mary’s Medical Center, and several hospitals among many others. Find the best available medical treatment at all of these organizations and more at Urologists.com.
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