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Becoming a Premium Doctor on Urologists.com guarantees you membership with the premier domain destination in your field. In addition to a featured listing in our search database, membership with Urologists.com offers easy, direct marketing and gathers new attention to your practice.

The Premium Doctor Advantage

The benefits of becoming a Premium Doctor on Urologists.com include:

Higher Visibility

Urologists.com is exactly as it sounds - an all-encompassing resource for urological doctors and patients nationwide. Due to the medical nature of the site, all business and content is moderated by an advisory board of urological experts. As such, membership with Urologists.com designates you and your practice among the elite in the industry.

Whether seeking out a new urologist or urological news, visitors to Urologists.com are directed to our urologist search listing. As a Premium Doctor on our site, your profile will be listed at the top of search results within your geographic location and insurance specifications.


Between our advisory board of urological experts and our commitment to top notch medical care, Urologists.com accepts no less than the best from its doctors. Thus, all of our doctors must undergo an initial screening process, to ensure reputation, education, and qualification.


With our guarantee of expert-approved doctors and content, visitors to our site are comforted knowing Urologists.com is a site they can trust. Being a featured doctor on Urologists.com qualifies you among the best in the field and allows visitors to gain invaluable familiarity with your practice.


You may notice a huge upswing in business upon becoming a premium member on our site; don’t fret! With our easy online appointment request form, scheduling becomes a breeze. Your search listing on our site also includes a personalized contact form and phone number for additional patient convenience.

Summary of Perks

  • Focused-marketing to patients with urological questions and concerns.
  • An attractive, ad free, search engine optimized profile, featuring your biographical information, contact details, and links to any articles you’ve written on our site – all under a simple and shareable URL.
  • An appointment request form to make scheduling easier for both you and your patient.
  • High listings at the top of Urologists.com searches within your geographic location and/or insurance parameters. This also includes higher search engine results for your profile in major search engines.
  • Convenient linkability to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • The ability to provide content on our site. By adding articles and commentary to our conditions, treatments, and latest news pages, you will establish your credibility and maximize attention to your profile.
  • A friendly account manager to help you setup your profile and get the most out of it once it’s live.

Becoming a Premium Doctor on Urologists.com

Urologists.com seeks out the best urology professionals in the country, and thus, we believe they deserve the very best.
To ensure our premium doctors’ satisfaction, we uphold three service guarantees:


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the services provided by Urologists.com, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time for a partial refund.


Payments to Urologists.com can be completed via our secure online system or over the phone.


Becoming a featured doctor on Urologists.com is quick and easy. Simply fill out our Sign Up Now! form, and you will be contacted by one of our agents about getting started.


To ensure the credibility of Urologists.com, our premium doctors must meet the following qualifications:
  • Hold active medical licenses
  • Be board-certified or board eligible (MDs and DOs)
  • Specialize in urology and male sexual/reproductive health
  • Consent to bi-annual profile updates, keeping profile, license, and certification information up-to-date and accurate

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