Sexual Troubles Caused by Weight

06/27/15 10:41 PM
Sexual Troubles Caused by Weight

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In addition to the slew of health problems caused by excess weight, obese and overweight men have one more issue to deal with. Fresh research published in the British Journal of Urology International reveals links between waist size and sexual and urinary dysfunction in men. The study was conducted by the Weill Medical Center at Cornell University and the New York Presbyterian Hospital. The study examined three groups of men falling into three different waist size categories.

The Study

The results of their research show that 39% of the men with waists exceeding a circumference of 40 inches urinate more than 8 times in one 24-hour period, compared to a far smaller percentage among the middle and smaller waist size groups. Furthermore, the study revealed that nearly 75% of the larger men suffered from erectile dysfunction and problems with ejaculation, while 40% of the mid-size group and only 21% of the smallest group were likewise afflicted.

The effects of excess weight on dangers like heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even cancer are well known. As a result, there has been a rise in the overall public effort to educate people about these health issues. This new research, however, has caught many off guard – mainly because we still don’t know why the negative impact occurs. Dr. Steven A. Kaplan, a Professor of Urology at Weill and the study’s senior investigator, can only put forth conjectures as to the problem’s roots until further research is done. His hypothesis involves two factors:

  • Excess girth around the waist effectively blocks blood flow and blood vessel circulation to the pelvic region. After all, blood flow is the most essential component of healthy sexual activity.
  • Obesity works to severely alter the body’s normal hormone levels – hormones being another major factor in sexual performance and function.

What Can Be Done? 

For men with waist sizes exceeding the limit for proper health and sexual function, this is one more problem on an already sizable mountain of risks. According to Dr. Kaplan and other experts in the field, there is action that can be taken to limit the effects of weight and obesity on the body. Losing weight is the first and most obvious step to lowering these risks. The Weill Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital study also showed that reducing the waist size by as little as 2.5 inches can have positive effects.

If symptoms like excess urination or sexual dysfunction are brought about exclusively by weight, it stands to reason that decreasing body mass will lessen or even eliminate them. Like any other weight-related issue, it is important to tackle the root of the problem first in order to eliminate the problem itself. For more information on men’s sexual health and other issues, visit Arm yourself with knowledge, take charge of your body, and live that energetic, happy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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